Tornado Communications
is operating with the most competent agencies and specialized journalists.

Our clients benefit from 40 experts which can be activated at your fingertips.
Tornado Communications is associated with an international group of PR agencies covering Western and Eastern Europe, Israel, South Africa, USA, China, Singapore, Japan und Australia.
EuroMarCom: Additionally, as the co-founding member of EuroMarCom, a loosely coupled association pursuing a best of breed approach, Tornado Communications also provides PR services to international companies throughout Europe with a view of localized product strategy, service differentiation and implementation.
Learn more about EuroMarCom: For further information, please contact us here.

Tornado Communications accesses a national and international network of partners and specialists for implementing your worldwide communication activities including product PR, financial PR, corporate communications, advertisement, direct-marketing, and media planning.

On demand, we will serve as the Lead-Agency for your worldwide PR network.
For consulting-, marketing- and content-related tasks beyond PR our clients have access to the resources of a worldwide expert network.

This expert network consists of consultants, marketing experts as well as other specialists that would usually be very expensive or just hard to get.

We are able to provide our clients with know how from this source and can serve as the central hub of these activities.
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